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A sonata of TEMPTATION

21 September 1985
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I'm not sweet, really!

Vede desu~~ Watashi wa DBSK worshipper *o*, KAT-TUN Otaku (^__^)/, Ayumi Hamasaki OTAKU (^___^)v, Lee Junki Lover *(^_^)*, Lee Hyori admirer *^__^*/.
yep, the truth is that it all started with Ayu's 'evolution', then it spread to JE and now it's even kpop. Music took over my life completly.

I love my fandoms and my hobby is collecting stuff of my idols. My collection isn't very big but I'm proud of it ^^

I love writing fanfic. But you'll never see mines on the net. They are for private purpose only and are aimed to make me feel better. Like a loved person. That's why the life of a single sucks. You have no body you can hug.

I'd love to meet my idols one day. It so happened with Atomic Kitten and Plastic Tree...but somehow..KAt-TUN or DBSK seem so out of reach. but then...believing is everything x3
Right now I'm saving for a trip to Japan and Korea. Wish me luck.

My sweet pet. I thought he is so lobvely that I have to have it for longer so I'm putting him here. You can play with him if you want just don't tire him too much^^